The Days Ahead

I'm busy settling in for the days ahead. The house is filled with the sounds of all the purrs coming from cats all over the world. I know everything will be successful with all those positive vibrations in the air.

I've got all my nap spots just right and my fur is all licked into place. I've been hording all the Temptations that have been thrown down, so I have a big supply ready. At Whicky's suggestion I demanded a large sack of beef jerky, and I suspect the bag might fall on the floor at some point, once it's opened - you know gravity can do that. To my friends who offered to come over and wait with me, we'll have to hide you in the closet when the neighbor comes by.

I have a little secret stash too... Daddy lost his salami. He brought a new package back from the store the other day and he and Mommy have looked everywhere for it. Was it in the fridge? Nope - Freezer? No - Cabinets? Nope - Trash Can? No again! They've looked everywhere for the salami, but no luck. I'm happy to look for it too, but finders keepers right? Maybe they should check my cat breath for garlic when they return... I'm just saying.

I had this very nice item passed on to me recently by my daring friends at The Cat Realm. I wasn't clear on what I was supposed to do with it - other than admire it and think warmly of my friends who passed it on to me.

Mommy, Daddy and I love all our friends and are overwhelmed by the kindness of cats, and the people they own.


  1. Well, if the salami is truly lost, it will eventually make itself known. Just saying.

  2. We'll be purring that all is well.

  3. Purring purring purring... purring purring purring...

    Huffle Mawson

  4. Fin,
    We are still purring for your daddy at my house.
    Purrrrr, purrrr, purrrr,

  5. I am still purring for your dad, too! And even Harley is trying to learn how to make healing purrs.

  6. Puurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    {{{big breath}}}


  7. Everyone at the Museum sends love with every kinda voice we have. Bless you and your family Fin, and Daddy come home all better soon.

  8. Congratulations on your award! We're sending lots of purrs to your daddy.

  9. Fin you are so organised with your stash of goodies and nap spots. I'm glad the beef jerky has been provided, it's tragic how bags sometimes fall to the floor unaided. Salami is always getting lost and lost treasure should never be wasted.

    Still purring that all goes well for your Dad!