Fridge MeMe

Look how fun, I was tagged by my friends at The Crew's Views with this assignment called a MeMe. Here are the rules:

Take pictures of the items which your humans have put on the fridge.

Tell us the story behind these items.

If there should be no items on your fridge, just take pictures of the items in the fridge and explain who eats them and why.
Then pass on the meme to as many furry friends as you have items photographed.

So here is my fridge. It's pretty clear of clutter, as you can see. Mommy would have it completely free, while Daddy would have it all cluttered up with things, if she let him. You'll notice there are no cat related items?

The bunny Halloween card was given to Daddy by Mommy. He loves Halloween very much, we call it Boo Time.

Daddy loves the other photo of a bunny nibbling on a huge carrot, and it really fits his personality. He always believes there's something awesome just below the surface, even if you have to dig a bit to get at it.

The last card is from the Albian River Inn in Mendocino which is where my parents stayed when they last visited my Aunt Jenny. They had a great time. The Inn even has a cat you can request visit your room - in case you miss your cat too much when you abandon them.

So I guess I need to tag three kitties. I hate to follow all the rules - I do wonder about the Cats P and Lux's fridge (bet they have some pretty cat pictures) and does Artsy Catsy have arty stuff on their fridge. I hate to leave out anyone who would like to show off their fridge, so if any of my other kitz want to be tagged - you're it too!


  1. You have more interesting things on your fridge than we do, Fin.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. Pretty cool fridge . . . but why are there buns and no kitties?!

  3. i thought the frig. was just a big tease the cats and open and shut the door as they stare at the yummy human food kina box.

    -wlk crew.

  4. Your 'frigerator looks very understated and elegant!

  5. Your fridge is pretty neat, Fin...but we like the big carrot the best.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  6. Boo time...that's so cute. The meaning behind the carrot photo is really sweet too.

  7. I dare not take up the challenge. My fridge is soooo clustered that I will a whole week to tell the stories behind the items.

  8. Great meme, Fin!

    Your fridge looks so nice and tidy. Ours is a disaster. We have our Fridge meme up today but we chose the cleanest part to display.

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  9. Hi Everyone, It's funny every place else in the house it's Daddy who is the decluttered one.

  10. Hi Fin,
    It is nice to meet you. I sure do like your floof. I could not get my assistant mom to help me with the fridge meme......that is funny about the Inn!

  11. Hi Fin,
    Thanks for your visit. Come visit my small world blog too some time....it is the world I really live in with my sisters.
    Hope to see you again soon!

  12. What do you mean there are no "cat related items" on your 'fridge? Really Fin, just who runs your house, anyway? You must do something about this.