Shar-ing- To use or enjoy something jointly or in turns; To allow someone to use or enjoy something that one possesses
Mommy isn't into sharing, while I am all about beverage sharing. I am willing to share Mommy's water or milk, I will even politely wait my turn. If she wants to take a sip from my water bowl, I'll have no complaints.
If she didn't want to share with me, she shouldn't have bought glasses that fit a cat's head so nicely.


  1. I think that's perfectly reasonable. I'm willing to let mum share my stinky goodness in a can if she wants.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. So well said! We share Mom's water, too. Our Nana does not enjoy sharing.

  3. Fin your logic is perfect, as is your pretty tongue taking delicate sips of water from the glass.

    It's not all take, take, take with you either Fin. You are giving your Mommy the chance of taking your picture too. I think this is very fair ;)

  4. Huffle - I Think you are going above and beyond there.

    Gandolf & Grayson - See what nice kitties you are, plus you share with each other.

    Spooky - Hello!! and Thanks!

    Whicky - Thank you Whicky for noticing how hard I try not to spill. I'm so pleased you see how I try to be polite. I know you too are a sharing Cat.

  5. I shared the Woman's coffee the other day. She made a face and dumped it out. I will never understand her.


  6. So true, Fin, so true. If your head fits in there, it is okay for drinking out of.

  7. Hi Megger,
    it looks like Fin needs for you to get bigger glasses. Her whiskers looked squished, and that can't be good. Just a suggestion.
    Fins' Auntie Jen

  8. Hi ya, Fin! Yep, sharing is good...but we don't do it very well.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  9. Meezers & Lux - Thank you!

    Chase - I mean if you've already shared why wouldn't she just give it to you? Dumping it out is rude and wasteful.

    Daisy - I think that's solid advice.

    Jenny - Yes, my whiskers and my fur are crowded, so a larger glass would be nice.

    Island Cats - Well you can see what being a good sharer will get you.

  10. Our Mama isn't much into sharing & we don't know why. Afterall, if she kisses us right on the mouth, there shouldn't be any problem with sharing her food or drink, right?
    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  11. Oh Fin! you look so adorable drinking from a glass ^_^
    Sharing rules!

  12. If they don't like sharing, they need to use shot glasses only or get hooked up to a portable IV.

    purrs Goldie

  13. Oh my, yes! And we don't always wait our turn, either!! Sometimes we just help ourselves.

  14. Chesney - I'm not much of a kisser and neither are my parents.

    Gaston - Blush

    Goldie - I'd like to say the shot glass would deter me, but I doubt it.

    Crew- Mommy doesn't realize how good she has it.