I Declare

Once the Olympics ended, I thought the days of my parents shouting at the TV would be over, turns out I was wrong. They've spent a good deal of time shouting the last couple of weeks, one week cheering, and one week jeering. Since all the noise was interrupting my naps, I decided to investigate, and of course, it was politics. My parents can become quite excitable when it comes to politics.

Earlier this year, when it was time to pick "the one" for "the party," they wondered aloud who I might vote for. They thought I might vote for Mit Romney, solely because they wanted to start a "Kittens for Mittens" campaign slogan - please don't encourage them by laughing now - they laughed over that for nearly a week. Do they think I'm such a tinkerfluff that I would have no opinion of my own; really do I seem to be without opinions?

Mommy recently asked me if I was a Democat or a Republicat, a Liberal or a Conservative. I told her I would think about it and let her know. After much consideration I realized I'm both, Liberal and Conservative. I'm quite liberal when it comes to my parents distributing my treats, but I would be very conservative about sharing my treats with others.

I hate faxes (I shred anything that comes from the fax machine's evil mouth), so I guess I'm for whoever will fax us less... "What's that Mommy? ...Oh Taxes! Oh, well, never mind then."

I believe in a feline’s right to choose – say between crunchy treats or Fancy Feast. "What's that Mommy? Oh, well, never mind that either then."

Wait, what am I thinking? I am a Cat! Of course I'm an Independent. I hear some of my fellow cats (Cheysuli & Derby) are throwing their paws into the ring, and I told Mommy I wanted to go the way of the kitties.


  1. G'day! How you doin'? Waving at you from Australia. :)

  2. I'm with you - definitely for Chey & Derby!

  3. Of course we have the right to make our own choices. If we get crunchies when we want Stinky Goodness, we just ignore them until they are taken away and the Stinky Goodness arrives.

  4. Yup. We're definitely supporting Chey.

  5. There's no shouting at the TV in this house, only sighing, tutting and reaching for the remote, as my humans are 100% jaded by our UK politicians.

    The way of the kitties is the only way to go Fin, you are absolutely right. Perfect Cat Sense!

  6. Fin, I think Chey is a great choice :)
    I also think your Mom should be liberal with your treats too ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  7. Tigger - Waves back at you!

    Lux and Gandolf & Grayson - I feel a more informed voter now.

    Eric & Flynn- It's so important to stand by your moral standards.

    Whicky - That comes later in our house, they are still hopeful at this point.

    Mickey - I couldn't agree more!

  8. Bonjour Fin! You obviously have a good deal of common sense when it comes to running things in this country. Maybe Chey could use you in her Cabinet!

  9. It's been quite noisy here, too, Fin. But I'm votin' Chey all the way!

  10. Thank for for the information. I try to stop on top of the politics, but with all of the Temptations of eating Greenies or Gimborns, I just don't think I can choose.

  11. Kelly Cat - Maybe I can be Interior Secretary - as I am an indoor cat.

    Angus-Nice slogan!

    Sweet Praline-I understand, it can take awhile between snacks.

  12. Hey, Fin! I fink da best way to acide bout pollitics is to sleep on it. An who wants TICKs anyway?
    Yea, Chey & Derbs wold be good. Skittles is also runnin (her yoga positions are well respected) an Cato is a CA dark horse. No, wait, his mom rides a horse.

    Yup, we cats is independent. I's all for Werld Domination! Fanks fur yur comments bout my eye. It's gettin better, but da vet wants to see me AGAIN on Monday. Sigh.

  13. Bonjour Fin, thanks for the welcome, it was very nice from you.
    I'll follow your adventures ^_^
    Happy puuursss

  14. Politics are very, very complicated and confusing!

  15. Finn,

    I like your take on things...be an independent thinker. Don't let anyone box you in. That's what I say.

    Best Wishes,

  16. Victor - I even hate the word VET, I'm so sorry you have to return.

    Gaston - Bonjour! Mommy's Grandfather was from Belgium.

    Daisy - Yes, I guess I was off on a few matters.

    Lisa - I like your take on things too. :-)

  17. You might also consider Turbo and Khyra (www.worldofturbo.com). He's a pup with some good ideas!

    Huffle Mawson