Pawpourri III

I had so many random thoughts today, that I decided to mix it up and go pawpourri style.
  • Today is Daddy's birthday, and yes, Mommy is singing off-key again. I'm a total Daddy's Girl, so of course I'm going to be all about showing Daddy how much I adore him, as I do every day. Tonight there will be cake, and my favorite, milk. I like to drink it right from the glass, Mommy's of course. She doesn't like to share for some reason, and usually gives me the rest of the milk, as soon as she sees I've stuck my face in her glass.
  • Yes - I'm a lady cat. Mommy was surprised to see that some people thought I was a mancat. Um, maybe it's because you named me a boy's name, Mommy. It's not a boy's name she explained. I was named after the French word "Fin" which means "end." Mommy thought it was appropriate because the kitten search ended when they found me. Um, that's sweet Mommy, but it still sounds like a boy's name.
  • Don't be too impressed with the last French comment, three years of high school French and Mommy only remembers about five French words (okay, maybe ten if you count the ones that involve food, but only three if you count spelling).
  • I finally saw my friend Whicky Wuudler as a guest star on The Pet Museum blog. He's one handsome mancat. Whicky is one of my very favorite commentors (is that a real word?), and it was so nice to see him getting the attention he so deserves.


  1. Happy birthday to your dad! I knew you were a girl, especially since your profile says Lady Cat! My mum can speak ten words of Japanese - she can count to 10. Hopeless.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad Fin, I hope he enjoys the cake and you get a nice full glass of milk from your Mom (great tactics there girl)

    I think your name is very feminine actually, and you are seriously beautiful.

    Thank you very much for the compliments. The Pet Museum is a very interesting site.

  3. So does she pronounce your name with a French accent? My LL did the same thing 3 years in high school and 3 in college but does NOT speak it at all.

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!


  4. I too must thank you for the shout-out. Your blog is also most enjoyable, Fin! And I have one of those names too where people don't know I'm a lady -- makes for some very funny mail and I love it.

  5. Huffle - Japanese? That's still pretty impressive, unless she took three years of Japanese too.

    Whicky - Oh Whicky, you make me blush. I was thinking for some time that you could perhaps be a guest blogger here at H.C., since you are currently bloggless. You could email me as I've added the link to my profile now.

    Kaze - Non (is that how you spell no in French?). At least Mommy speaks "Cat" very well.

    Curator - How nice of you to stop by. Are you the pretty kitty in the picture? I'll be dropping by again.

  6. Hi again Fin, and how remiss of me not to extend birthday wishes to your Dad - may he have many more.

    The kitty in the picture is SallyCat, one of the "staff"! I tend to fly below the radar so's it's more about the Museum than me.

    You look as elegant as your blog, and vice versa.

  7. Why thank you Curator. I must say that I find the English very mysterious and quite delightful. Purrs to you!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

    We have to admit we thought you were a mancat at first. The cousin here is a Finn and he is a boy.

    We really should have known better too as the PM is bilingual, her Dad was brought up French and we live in a French community. Really, PM, you should be ashamed.

    Sorry, Fin.

    purrs Goldie and Shade

    PM, ceci n'est pas fin pour vous!!

  9. What's the problem with sharing milk? We drink out of Mom's cup all the time and she says she'd rather share with us than with some humans she's known!!

    Maybe it's time you remind your Mom just whose house she lives in!!