Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for a little kitchen mix up last night that brought two great flavors together... Temptations and Milk.

It involved my posing for the next full monty contest in the middle of the kitchen floor, Mommy carrying milk, and by some small miracle - an open bag of Temptations. Can I get an amen friends?

Hmm, on a side note, here is my Thursday post and it's not even Thursday yet, at least not here? Happy Thankful Thursday in advance.


  1. I had ice cream the other night, for the very first time in my life. It was so TASTY! I've never had temptations though; are they good?

    Huffle Mawson

  2. Hi Huffle, I've never had ice cream, but I can HIGHLY recommend Temptations. I've only had the one flavor but I'll be demanding others soon. Mommy is smitten with all the pretty Huskies on your site.

  3. Hmm.. now that sounds like a wonderful snack...

  4. Hi, Fin! Thank you for visiting me. You are a very pretty and very floofy cat! I'm a senior cat, too. I'll be 10 in January. We ladies carry our age well, don't we?

  5. I have been doing that move for years now and nothing so exciting has ever come from it for me. A crunched tail once in awhile!

    You are soooo lucky!!!!

    Do you lie in the middle of the floor or closer to the fridge? I may have to rethink my strategy.

    Purrs, Shade

  6. Oh wow listen Temptations is da bestest fing in da hole wide werld. I've tried all dem flavors and my fav-O-rites is da "naturals"

    Nom nom nom nom nom

    good stuff...

  7. Thatta girl Fin! When humans are carrying food, they really don't look where they are going. I am so glad you profited from this event.


  8. Clumsy humans. My Dad stepped on my tail the other day and my Mom stepped on my paw!!! And I wasn't even laying in the middle of the floor either.


  9. That sounds like the perfect breakfast food!

  10. Oh my gosh. That must have been PURE HEAVEN.


  11. Fin, you really gotted some good luck there. dairy tem-tay-shuns is our favorite!

  12. Meezers - I had no idea Temptations came in Dairy, you're so helpful.

    Latte - It was like a tuna... Latte!

    Daisy, HotMBC, Parker - Hi, it's an anytime treat!

    The Crew - Maybe the Blurpy has your people all mixed up, careful over there.

    Whicky Wuudler- I wish I could blame it all on the carrying, but no.

    Abby - That's what I have, Yellow Fin Tuna. Thanks for coming by!

    Shade - The middle of the floor, but I think it was divine intervention.

    Spooky - So nice of you to stop by. I think I'm about ten too, although my parents often get confused, and sometimes think I'm eight. You look great for ten.

    Cheysuli - Thanks for coming by, I understand your running for office. I'll be dropping by to see your platform.

  13. Amen, Fin! We have to try that next time we see mom carrying somethin' good to eat...

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  14. Oh man, Fin, that sounds like the Best.Food Surprise.Ever. Momma read your postie and laughed and said something about "your chocolate is in my peanut butter!", but I think that sounds gross.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  15. Island Cats - Thanks for coming by!

    Jimmy Joe - Mommy said the same thing and thought it was so funny. Mommy humor is often so ellusive.