Alley Cat Ally

I'm an Alley Cat Ally

Today is National Feral Cat Day in America. I'm trying to take my I'm an Alley Cat Ally Pledge but it didn't completely work out all in one picture. Feral Cats are a cause close to my heart, because Mother Tabby was an alley cat. Mother Tabby was homeless, pregnant and living on the streets when she allowed herself to be captured and taken to the no-kill shelter. She bravely risked losing everything in her world, so that she, and her kittens, would have the chance of finding loving homes.

Sometimes I think of how my life might have turned out if she hadn't been rescued. If Mommy hadn't been searching for a kitten at just the right time. Who would be my family then? I know my human family thinks of it too, wondering what life would be like without me.

I wanted to find a way to show my support of alley cats everywhere and that got me thinking – other than geography, are there really differences between us. I started to think about how each of us has a unique voice that defines us, but also a core of catliness that unites us.

Within each of us is an alley cat. We all possess the agile prowess needed to hunt, the brave lion needed to fight off those who would try to harm us or the ones we love, and the scrappy determination to not just survive, but to thrive within our world.

Within each of us is also the purebred prince or princess. We all possess the desire to be loved and honored, to be petted and pampered, and to lay with complete abandon in a sunny patch (and if it can be on a soft special pillow, so much the better). We all have the playful heart of a kitten that urges us to chase the imaginary bug, but also the regal attitude that allows us to pretend we cannot hear the pleading requests of our humans to do… something, anything, that's requested of us.

I was planning on doing a humorous post but these words felt right for the day. Instead Saturday’s post will be a lighthearted celebration to poke a little fun at the alley cat and the purebred prince/princess within us all. Today I'm spending Thankful Thursday very thankful indeed. Purrs and snuggles to everyone.


  1. What an eloquent post. You are a real advocate for all cats everywhere Fin and have captured perfectly the essense that we all share.

    WOW @ that close up!


  2. Well said Fin, that's a wonderful post!

  3. Oh BSIF, what a true post! There's definitely a Prince/Princess in every cat. It strikes me that many of Spains stray cats for the way they look obviously have siamese genes. People in Germany pay loads of money for pedigree cats, yet no one gives a home to those equally beautiful alley cats. We're indeed very lucky ones!
    Thankful Purrs, Siena

    P.S: I'll have a talk with mom about the brushing issue. At night we read your post on the alphaalpha hair, it's hilarious! Get them to plant you some trees, immediately!

  4. Thank you Whicky, Mommy finally was able to hold the camera still.

    Thanks Sweet Parker. I'm glad you found your family.

    LSIF/Siena - I think I fall more to the Princess side but I'm just saying the other stuff is in there too. I believe protocal was breeched and Mommy left a message for you Mom in your comments... be wary LSIF. Purrs!

  5. Fin, that was a wonderful post! Being a former feral (or semi-feral they say) myself, I lived the first 8 months of my life out on the streets not knowing if I'd even get a next meal. Fortunately, the lady with the yellow hair decided to catch me and give me a good home. I still got a little feral in me that we're trying to work out...but I know I am one lucky kitty!


    pee ess. even Wally and Ernie say they got some alley cat in them!

  6. You have a wonderful way with words, Fin. You are very profound!
    Stop by my bloggie: I have an award for you!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  7. Very well said, Fin! I am so glad that your momcat was rescued and you got a wonderful Forever home.

  8. What a beautiful post, Fin! We were rescues, but our cousin Tucker Scizzorhands was a feral that Mom saved. He lives (with our other cousins) with our Uncle Allen now. He was the most pathetic 8 month old Tuxie you've ever seen when Mom found him. He was nearly starved, had 4 kinds of worms and an infection that that would have killed him within a week. You should see him now, four years later. He hasn't lost quite all of the feral, hence his nick name of Scizzorhands, but he's a beautiful healthy happy Mancat now!

  9. Fin,that was a pawsome post! I am glad your Mom was rescued too,because I got to meet you :) I would like the same for every feral cat.
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Well said, Fin, my SIF! I was a pregnant alley cat a one time before I was rescued by SS's mom, for which I am truly thankful. she thinks I may have been abandoned rather than really feral from birth. While I still love to roam in the neighbourhood gardens whenever I have a chance, I seldom run away for long.

  11. Zoey - So happy the yellow hair found you.

    Thanks Jimmy Joe, Whimpers and Zippee and the gang!

    Me too Daisy.

    G & G so nice to hear sucess stories.

    I wish we could Mickey.

    Hi Momo what a brave kitty you are I've always been an indoor kitty.

    Praline and Grrreta thanks for your kind words.