Thankful Thursday

Well I have a lot to be thankful for:
  • Daddy is feeling much better after his brain microwaving (Mommy Edit: Gamma Knife Surgery) on October 1st. His pain is now .5 on a scale of 1-10 where it used to be 15 (Mommy suspects he does not understand the concept of a 1-10 scale for those questioning the math). He is going to be able to stop taking so much medication soon.
  • I have a new human cousin named Mercer. I haven't met him but I saw his photo and he's very cute, like his sweet sister Petra.
  • I have such delightful friends on the blogosphere, who wouldn't be thankful for all that.


  1. Good to hear that you dad is getting better from the microwave surgery. You think I can shove SS into the oven whenever she gets migraine?

  2. w00t! That's good news about your dad! And forgive him, cause math is HARD. So the Woman tells me... *I* can add just fine.

  3. I'm glad your daddy is feeling better! Maybe his 1 to 10 scale was not in a microwave safe container during the surgery, and got cooked.
    It's so sweet that you noticed that we were MIA...Mommy's been just "phoning it in" lately for our posts and was waiting for inspiration...and she was busy doing homework for an MBA class she's taking, so she's been pretty worthless for about a week. She promised to help me post and comment Thursday evening.

  4. Oh Fin! I didn't know about your Daddy and am even more happy now that he's feeling better. I bet your doing a superb job, looking after him.
    Mmh, what's a cousin? Are they fun?
    Being your LSIF I happily count myself amongst your friends and again, I'm happy, that you're happy...and... now I'm confused. But happy! Need a nap now. Purrs to you on this thankful Thursday. Siena

  5. I'm well chuffed that your Daddy is so much better Fin. He must feel like a new man!

    Congratulations on having a new cousin too. Mercer and Petra are beautiful names.

  6. Those are good things to be thankful for. I'm so glad your Dad is not hurting so much now.

    PS: An anole is a lizard. Copy & paste this link for pictures and information:

  7. We are glad to hear that your daddy is feeling better!!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  8. No MoMo it doesn't work that way, or Mommy swears she would have fixed Daddy with it herself.

    Mommy is no math wiz either, Max is there nothing you can't do? You're a wonder.

    Glad you're back Grrreta, hope your Mom passes her test.

    Of course we're friends LSIF! Can't imagine I didn't know you as short as a month ago.

    Oh WHicky you never fail to come up with some cute english phrase I've never heard of "Well Chuffed"? I am sure it's good.

    Me too Spooky, and thanks for the heads up.

  9. Hey does anyone notice I do this commenting back to you here, most days?

    I like to have a personal chat with all of you.

  10. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for, Fin. I'm so glad your Dad's feeling much better!

  11. It is especially wonderful that your daddy is feeling so well!!


  12. That's wonderful news about your dad!

    ps: I usually check back the next day to read your comments back.

  13. Chuffed is english slang for pleased!

    I think it's a very nice touch that you comment back to your visitors Fin.

  14. You have lots to be thankful for, Fin! I'm glad your daddy is doing so well, and getting a new baby bean cousin is wonderful!

  15. Wonderful news about your Dad's pain level and much less medication! Yay!!

  16. So glad to hear that your Dad is feeling much better! The zapping must have worked!

  17. Awww Fin I did not know that about your dadda. wow that is a WHOLE lot to be thankful for!!
    Not only for your dadda but for you all too!! It is never nice when someone we love is in pain or sick.
    And a new hooman cousin.. I mean ifs h was a furry cousin there would be much rejoice, but I "suppose"... that I should be happy with you!! :P hehe
    (Momma gaved me a cip o'er the ear hole for that one!" hehe


  18. And we're thankful that we have a furriend like you, Fin! That's good news about your dad!

  19. That is really a good Thankful Thursday!

  20. Thanks Everyone! I missed Daddy's rough pets so much.

    Whicky I love our comment chats too.

    Daisy you are a wonder cat! So much commenting that you do and still a check back, modeling, teaching Harley, and rock star. You have my awe!! High Paw!

  21. We are so glad that your daddy is better!! Our Auntie Lori uses the same math as your daddy, hopefull, SOMEDAY, she will be better too.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma