You Might Be...

Thursday was a national day of recognition for alley cats in America. It started me thinking about the Alley Cat and the Purebred Prince/Princess Cat within all of us. I guess I was feeling reflective as my post took a serious tone. I'm a light hearted kitty by nature and I wanted to poke a bit of fun too, to rejoice in the catly things that unite us all.

A few months ago, when I first started blogging, I posted this little game and asked my new friends to play a game with me and finish this sentence “You might be an alley cat if…”

Think of it as the feline equivalent of a “You might be a redneck if…” joke. No offense to our alley cat friends of course, as my own feline mother was an alley cat too. You can link back to the post and see all the funny ones my friends thought of, but is an example of mine:

“You might be an alley cat if you think of the whole kitchen floor as your food dish.” or "You might be an alley cat if you only know of Pedigree as a dog food."

I thought about a way to poke fun at our purebred prince/princess parts too. I thought it might be fun to think of that side of ourselves as the feline equivalent of a blond joke, or to indicate how spoiled you might be. Again no offense to our purebred friends, as I think I'm descended from feline royalty, and honestly who hasn't had a purebred moment. Here is my example:

“How many purebreds does it take to find a patch of sun?”

Answer: “None. Purebreds might not be able to find their way back to their special “Princess” pillow if they left it to find the patch of sun” or “None, they just require their "people" to buy them a sun lamp.”

Go on, give it a try and leave your versions in the comments section. Celebrate Caturday!


  1. You might be a purebred princess if you will only eat your stinky goodness from your Mom's fingertips.

  2. You might be a purebred Princess if you announce everything you do with your wonderful Siamese voice because you know inquiring minds want to know...

  3. You might be a purebred Princess if you don't bury your poop in your litter box, your Dadbean does it for you.

  4. You might be a purebred Princess if you have more clothes than your Mommie!

  5. Hhuurrmph! Being a pedigreed kitty jest means that our ancestry is KNOWN! Mine goes back to the 1890's.
    I certainly CAN find a spot of sun as easily as the next cat pedigreed or not!!!

    Alexi on behalf of all our pedigreed cat bloggers.

  6. Mmh, I'm torn about that subject as my mom had a pedigree but my dad not. They TOLD me he's purebred but if there are no papers to proof it they can tell me everything, right?! So there's a dark spot in my ancestry, which - hopefully - adds a bit of mistery to me, hehehehehe.
    Here's my try: "You might be a purebred princess if you have more than two different combs and brushes to be groomed with."
    Purrs, Siena

    P.S: It's handy that getting muddy outside just adds to our NFC-Wildcat-Flair-Gorgeousness isn't it?

  7. On no I think I've insulted Alexi and she is so lovely too. If any other cat is insulted - I'm not bad I'm just written that way.

  8. Hey Fin - don't worry about it. We purebreds tend to get our "panties in a wad" as my Mom says. I think this is fun.

    Mom says it reminds her of all of the blond jokes she gets. Must take everything in fun!

  9. Sweet Praline eating off the fingers, now that is sweet!

    Chey I completely agree I announce everything I'm doing!

    Goldie are you supposed to bury those things?

    Daisy I've seen your closet and I think we know the answer to that one, but you never seem spoiled to me.

    Alexi purrs and headbutts in apology for offending you.

    Siena you are an all around kitten. I am too princessy for mud but I will roll in dirt. Nice one!

  10. Hi Fin! This is really fun! Here's ours:

    You might be an alley cat if you'd rather drink water from the sink rather than from the nice water bowl sitting there....

    You might be a purebred/princess if you make your bean heat your food up in the microwave to just the right temperature before feeding you....

  11. You might be a Prince if all you have to do is sit and stare at your Nana to get treats on demand.

  12. You might be a purebred Prince if your dad leaves home and comes back in the back way so he won't disturb you sleeping on your cat tree by the front door. ;-)

  13. Island Cats I love drinking from the faucet! I do hate a chilled can of the feast microwaving is a great idea. Mommy!

    G & G a demanding stare is always good to have.

    Oh Lux that just seems like good manners!

  14. "I'm not bad, I'm just written that way." Hahahaha! Oh, Fin, you really are such a card. Don't worry, I think it's all in good fun.

  15. You might be a princess if your mom, who is a vegetarian, goes to the seafood counter in the grocery store to buy fresh shrimp and fish for you on special occasions. (I'm not purebred, but I still tolerate being spoiled)

  16. You might be a purebred Princess if you insist that the farmed salmon just isn't as palatable as the wild salmon*

    *Actually, this would apply to alley cats as well.

    What a fun post Fin, we are all chuckling here, the answers above are hilarious!

  17. What fun!!!!
    Unfortunately my brain is not in functionality mode after that paintball party at Sassy's yesterday... so no comment from me....
    Thank you for celebrating my Gotcha Day with me - it meant a lot to me and really saved the day!

  18. Hey, that's a good challenge, Fin! Here's my suggestion:
    You might be an alley cat if a little dirt in your water bowl just adds flavor.

    I asked Coco the Wiener Dog if she wanted to chip in a purebred joke, and she just said:
    You might be a purebred Princess if you are absolutely beautiful and never do anything wrong and have a melodious bark and everyone thinks that you are the most amazing dog ever. The end.

    I'm not sure if that's true, but that was her joke.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  19. I want to thank you for stopping by to help me celebrate my first blogoversary. I hope you had a fun time, it was really nice meeting you and I hope we can visit again.

  20. Ok, you mite be an alley cat if you fink eatin frum garbage cans is going out for dinner.

    You mite be a purrbred princess if you make yur beans throw toys fur you... an watch them bring them back again!

    You mite be a purrbred princess if you eschew Snuggles fur silk... an use the werd "eschew."

  21. Fin, don't worry...headbumps and licks to you!!! :)

  22. Ah thanks Daisy.

    Grrreta your Mom must be a high quality mom to bring you fresh fish... Mommy I don't recall the same treatment here!

    Nice one Whicky! Yes our friends are very funny!

    Cat Realm & Sassy Cat I was very happy to celebrate with you.

    Jimmy Joe - Your alley cat joke was great and Coco is a lovely dog. I'm a big fan of a wiener dogs, my cousin dog Abby is one too.

    Victor - It's fun when you can make your parents play fetch. Now I'm gonna have to look up "eschew" because I chew but I don't think it's the same.

    Alexi I'm glad I didn't offend too much. You are a real beautiful kitty. PPPUUURRR.

  23. You might be an alley cat if you are scared all the time like my sister Misty.
    You might be an alley cat if you don't give a ____ where you poop like my sister PooPoo.
    You might be an alley cat if.....throw up hairballs all over the place like me!
    Ok, well.....I am not so smart but this was a fun post you did!

  24. You might be an Alley Cat if when your beans have an ant infestation, you just consider the ones in your bowl "extra protein" and eat anyway.

    this is fun!

    PS the ant problem only lasted 3 days...

  25. Hi Fin! I think 'Tocktober photos just have to show your south end... If tails have to be down, Victor can't participate! ;-)

    You might be a purebred princess if you only eat gourmet bugs and drink bottled water!

    Your floofy picture from Friday certainly IS glamorous! I admire your long hair, but it must be hard to keep up. My short hair is certainly wash-and-go!
    Purrs and licks,

  26. Fin, these are so funny! OK, we'll try.

    You might be a purebred Prince if your human Mom sends for you for dinner. Your human Dad carries you, while you recline in your basket.

    True story... Mohawk was the Prince, although technically not a purebred, he just thought he was. :-)

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

  27. Thank you for following our story of the "Sugar Glider"...it was fun for us.

    (((HUGS))) Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernie's Voice icvsadg

  28. These are all so funny I iz a little emvbarresed we is not this witty but we will do anyways :)

    First one closest to Mommas heart:
    You Might be a pure bred Prince and Princess of your Dadda makes your Momma buy you a bg ugly toy worth $170 and next to never use it.
    (that is close to Mommas heart hehe)

    You might be a pure bred prince if you can demand attention with your screaming voice at any time of day or night without consequence.

    Ohh I could just keep going on and on... but they are silly, I will leave it to the rest that are so funny! :)
    What a wonderful post!


  29. JB there will be no talk of unsmartness, those were great!

    Mr Hendrix you mean ants aren't extra protein?

    Nina - Of course I am refusing to cooperate with the Pawparrazzi. I prefer bottled water too. I get a trim in the summer but it still takes some work.

    Carried to dinner huh Bambinos? Sounds good.

    Your welcome Ernie's voice cats.

    Oh VV those were great, her cheapness would never buy me a $170 cat toy.

    Thanks everyone for playing with me!

  30. You have received some great answers Fin!!

    You might be a Princess is you are treated like one ! ;) heh,heh,heh
    Purrs Mickey