Floofy Friday

Mommy loves this glamorous picture of me because she thinks it makes me look dainty, even amid all of this floof.


  1. What a beautiful photo, Fin!! You are sooo pretty! Your mommy's right, you do look dainty.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  2. Oh Fin, my dear SIF. You are gorgeously dainty. You are floofier that I thought. Let's get together and make floof, what else!

  3. I agree with your Momma, you can see your sweet lady legs and face.
    You sure is a mega floofy girl!
    Momma loves your toes floof, she is a sucker for toe floof :)


  4. Who needs silly autumnal trees when they have an Autumnal Queen of Floof?

    *stops Oliver from peeking at the screen*

  5. :::THUD::::

    OH Fin all three of my sisfurs just drop over into a faint...I guess I'll have to go and get Jinx and we'll have to try and revive them...


  6. Wow, you might be one of the floofiest cats I know! You look very glamorous.

  7. Wow, Fin! You are floofier than ME! - Grayson

  8. wow! that is some beautiful, stunning floof over a very pretty kitty.

  9. Oh BSIF! You were right: I sneaked up on mom right when she was reading your mom's message and was able to wrestle her down. Phew, I think she hasn't read anything. Apparently, your mom was giving her tips about brushing. I'm appalled!
    I mean, you are the best example for the uselessness of brushing! You look glourious! And very dainty. I think it's the positioning of your head and your ears all pointed... And yes, that's a lot of floof. I thought winter was just coming up?
    Yours, LSIF

  10. That is a great photo of you, Fin. We could do a lot of damage with the leaving of floof all over the place!

  11. What a glorious shot of you!!! You are a royal beauty!

  12. Why thank you Chesney Cats, Parker, the Crew, Mr Hendrix & Island Cats.

    MoMo we would sure floof it up!

    VV you should see the long floof between my back toes!

    Oh Whicky ::Blushing::

    Hi Debra sorry my name is confusing everyone I'm a lady cat.

    Daisy it's hard to out glamour pus you!

    LSIF I'm so glad I was able to warn you. Yes I can get even floofier than this!

    Yes Praline we could floof up the place!! Our colors are even similiar.

  13. Oh, you look just lovely (and yes, dainty), Fin! Gorgeous picture!

  14. Lovely shot of you Fin. Dainty with a regal splash.

    Purrs Goldie

  15. You really are a gorgeous kitty, Fin! If I could only be so floofy as you!

  16. Fin, that is a gorgeous photo of you! You look mahvelous!

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat