Look at this darling little nest I spied in the tree in my frontyard (our trees are short here, so even I could spy it). I'm not sure who used the nest originally, maybe it was the morning dove family who live in the backyard.

I was wondering why cats don't have nests? They seem rather homey, and I'm sure we'd build nice ones, if moved to do so.

I've been thinking that I might enjoy my own little nest this winter or maybe a little cat bed, one with a heating pad.

Where do you like to nest?

Tomorrow I'll show you my favorite nest.


  1. Fin we like to nest on the top of our kitty condo when we are outside. We also like this little bed we call the kitty cup, it keeps us toasty outside as well. But when we are in the house we have a basket in front of the window to take turns in. Our most favorite place to snuggle up is in Meowmy's bed, especially if she's in it.
    -Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

  2. You are very lucky to have birds nesting in your garden Fin. I would love a live snack bar like this.

    I like to nest on my Dad's tum best, but if he isn't available I will make do with the insideout fleecy nest on the sofa,

    Can't wait to see your nest!

  3. We have been telling Mom that we want a heating pad after seeing so many on our friends blogs. We have to settle for a fleece blanket at the moment.

  4. I would LOVE to have a heated cat pad as well but somehow I don't think I will.

    My favourite nest is on SS bed, best if I could burrow into the folds of her fleece dressing gown.

  5. we love nesting in the fleece throw blankies on the couch

  6. Maggy says: I like to nest on any open windowsill. Sadly, being a Florida girl, windows aren't open often enough cause our beans run that old A/C all the time. And Zoey says: I will nest anywhere, anytime, as long as I'm near a "bean".
    We both say: we've sent something special to your mailbox, hope you like it.

  7. Some of our favorite nesting areas....on heating pads, in sunbeams, under the covers, on piles of hot out of the dryer laundry, window sills, sink, and best of all laps!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  8. How lovely!

    I like to nest on top of mommy, Holly likes to nest on anything soft, and Ivy is all about nesting in the nip lounger that mommy put in front of the heating vent for her. Ivy is all about the heat!

  9. Both of our favorite place to next is on the recliner with mom curled up in an afghan down by her legs.

    Laila and Minchie

  10. Hello Fin! Nice to meet you! WOW we sure are look alikes, although I may have a little more brown in my fur, but the overall resemblance is uncanny! We've been looking back at earlier posts and the photos on Oct 10, 15 & 3 could be me standing in for you!
    Don't be a stranger now that we've met! I know I'll be back here to gaze at your lovley-ness! -Shaggy

  11. That is a pretty nest. I like to nest in 3 places. One on the sofa on my Purdue blanket, two on my snuggle on the kitchen floor in a sunbeam three right up against mommy all night!

  12. I have a fancy heated cat cup, but I refuse to sleep in it! Not even for a second!

  13. That is a beautiful nest.
    Thanks for visiting and wishing us a "Happy 1st Blogoversary"
    We love our friends.

    (((HUGS)))Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernie's Voice

  14. Hi BSIF!
    Thank you very much for the award! My favourite nesting place changes in a weekly rythm or so. Currently it's on top of three stapled packing cases. I've got a nice fleecy nest on the window shelf too, and mom's lap isn't the worst place neither.

  15. Dat's a neat nest...don't all kitties like to nest? Zippy makes mom roll the big kwilt on da bed into a little cup nest (she complains until mom gets it right) Sadie has her minky cup and Speedy crawls unner da cover on da loveseat and hides. Hope yoo find a good nesting spot!

  16. What a beeyootiful nest! I like to nest in our red kitty tent and inna laundry onna bed.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  17. Wow that is so purrety, like bower grids and their blue nests.. this has nothing on themz!
    I likes my nests, I likes nothing better to be cuddled up tight in things, only difference is I am a cat and do not do, build anything myself, That is what my Momma and Dadda are for :)


  18. Shade prefers the cat bed or on the PM's bed when it is cold. She especially loves it when the PM takes a hot water bottle to bed.

    I like fluffy blankets, baskets and boxes. Also the hand hooked rug that the PM bought as a piece d'art that is now full of fur.

    Purrs Goldie

  19. We have two heated kitty cups that we love and use all winter long, but our favorite nesting spot is Mommy's bed.

  20. Hi everyone, sounds like many of you have Kitty Cups and I must say it sounds so nice, who wouldn't like a cup of kitty?

    Oh Whicky a "live snack bar."

    Shaggy you could be my stunt cat.

    I think Vampie Vick may have a good point why would we build a nest when we have people to do it. While we can supervise like Zippy until they get it just right.

    Life as a cat sure can be sweet my friends.

  21. Mom has a big poofy sleeping bag that I love to sleep on in the Winter!! I sink into it and it is warm :) We also have floor vents that blow warm air. Great places to lay on too!!
    Purrs Mickey