Tattle Tail Tuesday

I've been very busy sprucing the place up here at the blog, you might have noticed the new blog background which came courtesy of The Cutest Blog on the Block, thanks Grrreta, I made Mommy find one that brought out the brown in my undercoat.

All this activity is because I have a special guest blogger coming over tomorrow and I can't wait. I have a nice patch of sun all picked out, just in case he's tired after his long trip. I have a big package of beef jerky for him to enjoy, I'm sure he'll be hungry.

I have to say I have a bit of a crush, and my paws are twitching in nervous anticipation. Please come by tomorrow and visit with my friend - after all he may be a friend of yours too. Oh I hate to keep a secret... okay his name rhymes with Sticky Stuudler... oh no, I better not say anymore!


  1. Your blog looks so nice!! I need to do mine as everycat had done theirs up so nicely!!!!
    I cannot wait to see Whickey!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooos but my SS is going to be out of town tomorrow for 2 whole days.

    Nice blog page - lots of kitties are using the website to spruce up their webpage. Must say it has quite a number of very tasteful designs.

  3. Oh Mickey, how did you guess?

    Don't worry MoMo we'll still be here for you when your SS returns!

  4. Beef Jerky?

    Did someone say BEEF JERKY?


  5. you're having a special guest tomorrow? i can't wait to meet him. i'm sure he will be very impressed with all the hard work you've done for him.

    how is your earigation dripper? is it all fixed? poor Mittens it must be hard to be lonely. i remember those days before my rescue

    your blog looks fantastic!!!

  6. Oh boy! We can't wait to see Whickey! We haven't figured out if he has a blog so we haven't been able to comment.

  7. Oh, this is soooooo exciting! I will be back tomorrow.

  8. Are you having a gentleman caller?!

    Tipper & Misty

  9. Fin...we think we know who the guest blogger is! And we can't wait to hear from him!!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  10. Oh cool!! We can't wait to see.


  11. I can't wait to see who your visitor is. I'll be back tomorrow.

  12. I love the new look of yur bloggie! And that's furry ecksiting about yur guest blogger!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. Hi everyone!! I can barely sleep, nah just kidding I can always sleep.

    Oh Hendrix, I'm glad you're not lonely anymore. The earigation is still broken.

    No Gandolf & Grayson "Stickey Stuudler" does not have a blog of his own. His human slaves have not assisted him in setting up a blog of his own.

  14. Hey Fin, it sounds like you are going to be a grate hostess! The armpit massages are for me. I can't get enough of 'em. I like the deep-tissue shiatsu shoulder massages, too. Keeps a big guy in shape.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  15. Fin, How exciting that you get to have a special guest blogger! And what a nice blog design you have here!

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

  16. I'm so excited! I've enjoyed his comments that I've seen on blogs, so I'm so excited to see your post tomorrow