Couch Conversations

Conversations from the Couch:

Mommy: "Hey Sweets I'm going to the store now, what can I get for you?"

Fin: "Well, I could use more Fancy Feast, some tuna, oh and Temptations. Oh and by the way my litter box could also use your attention ASAP. Thanks Treater!"

Mommy (stupefied): "First of all I was talking to your father, secondly you ate through an entire box of Friskies while we were gone and gained about a pound, and lastly my name is Mommy, not Treater."

Fin: "Hey, I'm a nervous eater, plus I had friends over (hence the litter box situation). Spooky calls her cat slave Treater and I thought it was a cute nickname for you too."

Mommy: "and No!"

Daddy: "ZZZZZZ"



  1. Well, if dad was sleeping den yoo hadda assume dat she was talking to yoo...good job putting yoor order in. Did she get any of da stuff on yoor list?

  2. Love it!

    I like what Fin says best, aka PURRRR !


  3. Hehehehe, that's a good one, SIF. You know what SS stands for, don't you? Secretary Slave.

  4. Haha "Treater" - humans usually like a nickname, so keep using it, your Mom will get used to it. One pound gained huh? I can't say it shows, you just look heavenly in your latest picture. I hope you Daddy is getting lots of rest and feels better soon. I'm sure he will as he's getting such good nursing care.

    Rumbly Purrs!

  5. Hee Hee!

    There's nothing wrong with Treater, I like it.

    I also eat to soothe, better than loosing all your fur with a nervous condition. Right. Right?

    Purrs Shade

  6. You're a "nervous eater," HaHaHaHaHa! I have to remember that...

  7. Good try Fin. :)

    You were very brave and I think you deserve a reward. :)

  8. Well I did get some more Fancy Feast so it was worth asking!

    Secretary Slave that's funny MoMo, I can't wait to see our picture!

    I think Mommy will get used to it too Whicky!

    We can't have a fur loss situation Goldie, not with all our floof!

    Mommy is a nervous eater too Parker so she should understand.

    Pyewacket - Thanks for coming by!

  9. You're sweet, so of course you would assume she was talking to you. I think Treater is a cute nickname. At least she did bring you the Fancy Feast part of your your order. I think she may be a little out of line mentioning your weight gain, though.

    I like your blog background!

  10. Ha roo roo roo! You're such a cool cat, Fin!
    Play bows,

  11. Um, Fin? I might have helped myself to a few of your snacks when I was over watching cartoons with you. I am very sorry.

  12. It never hurts to ask, Fin! And, see, you got what you asked for!

  13. Thanks Grrreta I got the idea from you!

    Army of Four - Oh boy it's pretty Husky dogs!

    It's okay Daisy I'm happy to share my snacks with you!

    Yes Lux it always pays to ask!

  14. Zoey ... why is the Zoolatry Human giggling like that?
    Maggy ... cause she always giggles when she reads Fin's diary... he's a comicat, didn't you know?

  15. Nervous eater huh? I'll have to try that one.

  16. Guess your Mom doesn't have too much sympathy for nervous eaters.

  17. Hey, Fin! Moms just don't have a sense of humor sometimes, do they?

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  18. Nice try, Fin! Yup, I's nervous dat if I don't eat Temptations fast enuf, they'll go bad. Or ::gasp:: stop makin them!

    Fanks fur wishin Nina well. The vet lady gave me a shot when I first went in wif the eye infection, but Nina didn't get one when SHE first hadded the infection (at the E-Vet). It's the same infection makin her tummy owie. But no more eye meds fur her anyway.

  19. You've got to let the Treater (oops, Mom) know where you stand in the importance chain.

  20. How dare your Mom not talking to you!!!Surely you are more important than your Dad :) heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  21. Way to go, Fin!! You kept the upper paw in THAT situation.