Monday MeMe

Look what my friend Grreta sent to me. A little award and a MeMe to go with it. Is it called a Meme cause it's all about Me Me?

1. Where is your cell phone? I don't have one
2. Where is the husband? I don't have one but I do love Mousey
3. Your hair color? Hmm there are so many to choose from
4. Your mother? Love Her
5. Your father? Love him too
6. Your favorite thing? Mousey
7. Your dream last night? It involved a certain guest blogger and a blissful scorching kip (I think it means a nap)
8. Your dream/goal? My Goal is for Mommy to get my book published so I can help kitties everywhere - My dream is for humans to be as supportive of each other as cats are.
9. The room you're in? Den
10. Your hobby? Napping
11. Your fear? Fax machine and the evil Dyson
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Same as now
13. Where were you last night? Our family bed
14. What you're not? Overly needy, most of the time
15. One of your wish-list items? A warming cat pad
16. Where you grew up? My house
17. The last thing you did? Had a drink - of water
18. What are you wearing? My fur coat and nothing else
19. Your TV? Take it or leave it
20. Your pet? Can I have one of my own?
21. Your computer? Takes up to much room on the lap
22. Your mood? Casual
23. Missing someone? Daddy while he is working today
24. Your car? None but Daddy races me around in a boot box sometimes
25. Something you're not wearing? Everything
26. Favorite store? Petsmart
27. Your summer? Too hot
28. Love someone? My family and my new friends
29. Your favorite color? Shades of Gray or Brown oh and white (who does that sound like?)
30. When is the last time you laughed? I laugh all the time
31. Last time you cried? Waiting for Daddy to return from his surgery
I think I'll pass it on to any of my friends who would like to play and to MoMo cause it sounds funny to me to give MoMo a MeMe, oh and the Crew's View since they gave me my last MeMe.
Guess what I was a Catster Diary Pick of the Day on Sunday. What an honor. You may have seen the post already as it came from here - Mommy pastes my posts from here over there, but is about a month or so behind at Catster. She's a bit of a slacker. It was the post called Oh It's O-Ah-N in case you missed it here. Me and Floyd have made peace now, at least I think so - He hasn't left any comments in a while? Anyway I think I need to share the honor with him.


  1. Concatulations on being Sunday's Catster Diary Pick of the Day! Whoo hoo! The post was very funny. Your meme answers are very interesting. My favorite answer is the one about your dream last night. It amuses me greatly every time I hear the words, "blissful scorching kip".

  2. Thanks Grreta, yep it makes me laugh too!

  3. Have to check out your Diary at Catster. Don't go there too often. I am bad at MeMe but I will do this one, just for you, SIF! Yeah, Siena is cute. Her tail is quite big already.

  4. Shed free?????? Are you kidding??? My SS thinks that would be heaven. Oh well, you have a long-haired kitty, you have long hair all over the place. Simple logic!

  5. Congratulations on your award and also for being picked as a Catster Diary Pick of the Day!

    What an interesting meme, especially No:7. (teehee)

    I agree wholeheartedly with No:11 too. James Dyson is an international menace. There is talk of him being given a knighthood by the Queen. I think he should be locked up in the Tower of London with his wretched machines.

    Scorchingly yours

    Da Wuudler

  6. I'll have to go see you on Catster!

  7. MoMo - Well maybe not shed free for the first year but at about a year I made up for lost time in a big way! Is your fur super soft? Mommy says I feel like Mink.

    Oh Whicky that made me laugh! How I hate the evil Dyson - I agree torture in the tower is a good idea.

    Thanks Parker but you may have already read it. :-)

  8. Hi Fin!
    That's a lot of new stuff for me "Catster", "MeMes", I'm learning every day. It's very nice of you to comment positively about my tail! I'm proud to say that it get's floofier every day. You know, up till now I'm shed-free too! My mom made a strange noise, when she read your comments on "making up for it". Hehehehe...
    Oh, could you thank Whicky Wuudler for coming over to my blog?! I can't find him in this vast blogosphere but I saw his picture on your blog.
    Purrs, the NFC in training

  9. A MeMe to MoMo, you crack us up Fin!

    I hear ya on that pyscho Dyson. What a wing nut! The PM stated she wanted to marry him in the summer after she purchased a Dyson Devil On Wheels model. He hasn't shown up so I think we are safe for now.

    Purrs Shade

  10. Oh my...thank you, Fin. I'll have my secretary (aka Mom) start working on the MeMe right away.


  11. "Something you're not wearing: Everything" Fin, you are such a card!

  12. Congratulations on the award, Fin! And you did a PAWSOME job on that meme!

  13. Our favorite color is Shades of Gray, too! hahaha!

  14. That was a fun meme :) You had good answers too :)
    Congrats ob your award and being Catster's Diary Pick of the Day !!!
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Congratulations on your well deserved award and being Catster's Diary Pick of the Day! That is cool!

    You also did a great job on your Meme. It is nice learning more about friends.

  16. Great news on being picked for the Catster Diary Pick of the Day on Sunday.

  17. Grate answers, Fin! I purrfurr to go nekid, too. Nina wears a collar wif a bell... so the beans can find her! Mom says "meme" rimes wif "theme" but that can't be rite! Memes are about Me (or you) so it's gotta be MeMe!

  18. My Young NFC - Yes you should prepare your family for a good deal of floof shedding!

    Goldie - A Wing nut. You make me laugh too!

    George - Take your time, no rush.

    Daisy - Thanks your the Queen

    Tybalt - Thanks I love your little mask, so cute!

    G&G - I thought you might!

    Mickey & Praline - Thanks!

    Mr Hendrix - You should MeMe too or maybe Bendrix should?

    Victor - Gosh I thought it was a ME ME cause it's about Me too? You should and Nina should do the YouYou... You know what I mean.

  19. Fin, it's ok, my paw covered dat bug completely in dat pictor. Yur mom don't haf to see da big cricket. My boy was ascared of it, but I showed him!

  20. We will definately have to check out your Catster page.

  21. Me wants a warming cat pad too!


  22. I like your name for little Siena - LSIF. I think I shall call her that as well.

  23. Hey, we have the same hobby: napping! :)

    Thanks so much, Fin, for stopping by to wish me well.

  24. Victor - Thanks for saving Mommy, she was afraid it was a Cricket.

    Hi Moki Joe! Nice to meet you.

    Macvet - Doesn't it sound good? That kitten picture of you is so cute.

    MoMo- I'm glad you approve my lovely SIF.

    Luxie - I hope you are feeling better today, I'll come by later.