That Racket

I recently saw my friend Daisy the curly cat in a movie called Machine Paw (scroll all the way down to her movies), and I realized that I'm not alone. You see I too love to paw furiously on things like mirrors, glass fireplace screens , cabinets and doors. Oh it's such a delight to stand on your back paws (or when I really get into it, I sit down - so I can concentrate) and let those paws fly with purpose.

Initially, when I would paw at the bathroom mirror, my parents thought it was because I was trying to attack the “other” cat I saw in the reflection. Ridiculous, of course I know it’s my own reflection. I’m not pawing to attack or pet myself as they think; I’m making my cat music. I mean really, of course I recognize myself, I’m adorable. Who else would it be?

My parents have titled my cat music “That Racket.” I think it's a catchy title. They’ll say things like, “Is that you making That Racket?” or “Quit making That Racket in there, little cat!” I think they really like my song because sometimes they clap their hands loudly and try to sing along with their own lyrics like “Hey, knock off That Racket,” or “I’m coming over there if you don’t knock off That Racket, little cat.” I really like that they come up with their own lyrics, and try to clap along, although they don’t seem to be on-key or to be very good with the rhythm, but I love them for trying.

I’ll admit that I sometimes get so involved playing “That Racket” against a door that I will shut it with my pawing, effectively locking myself in a room for hours on end. I realize I should probably pay attention to the direction that the door swings, before I start pawing in earnest, but really, who thinks of things like that when the rhythm takes them?

Hey, maybe Daisy and I can start band.


  1. Fin, you are so precious! You brought to mind a wonderful memory of my beloved RB kitty, Dexter! That kitty really had some rhythm when it came to play his "racket"! I sure do miss that big guy! Thanks for the giggle and the nice memories! *PLAY ON* ;o)

  2. Oh SIF, you are one crazy but adorable kitty!!!! I don't make any noise except in the middle of the night when I want to be let out. Then I scratch loudly on the door. Ususally when SS sleepily opens the door I would saunter back into her bedroom.

  3. haha now you haz let the secret out!!
    I do this all the timez, though I usually just get giggels from Momma, I like it best just after someone has has a shower when the shower walls are all nice and wet :)


  4. Fin,

    If you start a band can I be in it - 'cos I have removed tons of paintwork by scitchin like mad? It's my favourite thing to do. I could play guitar and Daisy could be lead singer? It would be fun!

  5. That is great news! I make That Crap music all the time. I didn't realize that the PM was trying to join me in song when she'd holler "Quit doing That Crap" and "I have had enough of That Crap". That is so sweet. She loves me so much. She especially hollers when I compose on the window by her head while she's trying to sleep. She must think it is a lullaby.

    I will do it more.

    We should think of cutting a demo then, let the world in on this.

    Purrs, off to practice,

  6. Trixie does it too - but she gets into big trouble! She's always after extra food when she does it!

  7. Fin, I do this all the time too! And I've locked myself in the bathroom a few times as a result!


  8. Puff loves to do that too!
    She's got a great beat to hers!

  9. Too funny. I don't know the song, That Racket.

  10. Whimpurr you are welcome for the reminder of Dexter, he sounds like a cool cat.

    MoMo you are so clever, of course you just want the option to go out, perfectly understandable.

    VV I love the shower door and it makes a very load booming noise.

    Hi Milo of course you are welcome to join.

    Oh Goldie isn't it sweet when they try to sing along? I guess the rhythm takes them too. I say a demo is in order, as now we will have two hits That Racket and That Crap.

    Trixie when I am hungry I do it on my food bag.

    Ernie I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who locks myself in.

    I knew I liked Puff. I mix up the rhythm.

    JB I could play it for you.

  11. Imagine the beautiful music we could make with many many cats Machine Pawing together in symphony!

    My Mommie likes to clap loudly along with me, too. But she has no rhythm. And she does not know the proper words. "Daisy cut that out" is not part of the song.

  12. Grayson does Machine Paw every morning on the front door. He is mad because it is still dark and we are Not Allowed to go Outside in the dark. What is even funnier though is that our cat flap is on the back door. -Gandalf

  13. WooHoo! Fin! So many Machine Pawing Rock 'n Roll cats! We do it if the cat flaps aren't open. Then the humans join in with their catchy, out of tune chorus - "alright-wait-a-second, wait-wait-WAIT!"

    Closed doors are so offensive.

  14. My mommy tries to sing along too. Her version is "Sweety, stop it". She seems to really enjoy it when I do it on nice woodwork.

  15. I haven't tried that! Victor sometimes plays the wind chimes Mom keeps on the wall by the entry... maybe he should join you and Daisy! He's also quite a singer.
    Purrs and licks,

  16. Again, BSIF I realise just how much I will learn from you. Music! That's an amazing idea! Never tried it... but then again there's so much time ahead... hehehehe.
    Purrs, Siena

  17. Ok Fin if you want to play the Racket game my brother, Toy, would win! Even with his nails trimmed, if a door is closed to Toy...SCRATCH...SCRATCH...SCRATCH....Loud Meow Meow Meow Meow.....Scratch....till a bean squirts him with water 'cause they can't take it any more. Mommy rescues him and dries him off....ya think he would get the message......NOPE!!!!!=^Y^=The Cat Street Boyz

  18. A band would be great!!!! You could be the Machine Paw Racket!!!!!!
    I would like it ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  19. I play the same song and all I hear is "PRALINE, stop that!"

  20. Daisy you have to cut them slack, they can't sing in cat.

    Clearly Grayson is a front of the house cat.

    Whicky, Praline and Grrreta isn't it nice how they try.

    Wind chimes Nina, that would be good.

    Siena I am happy to teach you the ways.

    Poor Toy squirted with water! Everyone is a critic!

    I see a video Mickey!

  21. Zippy wants to join da band...she is really good at playing "The Racket" and dad, well, he just keeps singing "Zippy no, Zippy stop, Zipzipzip, yoo need to stop now". He don't know da words and he don't sing good either.

  22. hehe, I think it would be great fur you and Daisy to start a band! I'd be a good singur: "MAO MAO MAO MAO!"

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  23. Hey Fin, I just sauntered on by because I haven't said hi lately. But I think you SHOULD start a band for the sheer coolness factor. Elizabeth could throw in some rhythmic fabric shredding. HA!

  24. Zippy at least they try to be supportive.

    Mao Moa I think you have a great singing voice!

    Hi Curator! So nice of you to drop by. I'm sure there could be room for Elizabeth's shredding.