Tattle Tail Tuesday

In the spirit of Tattle Tail Tuesday - I feel I should mention Mommy is developing a bit of an addiction problem. When we first considered blogging, we had just finished my book when we learned cats were taking over the Internet. Since I don't get out much, I was really excited to meet all the cat bloggers.

Initially, we were excited if anyone left us a comment. If they didn't leave one, we had no idea if anyone was reading our work or not. Mommy would say things like "If a blog posts in cyberspace, and no one reads it, is it really worth posting?" I convinced her to continue. Slowly but surely we started to make great friends and learn about their lives.

I think it was adding the "Hit Counter" that pushed her over the edge. Soon she wanted a hit every day, before long it took more and more hits for her to get her fix. Now she slaves over my ideas to make them just right. I tell her "Look, just say that a cold, wet paw placed on an exposed butt will wake up anyone" the kitties will get it. No need for the extra wordy business.

Mommy is ignoring her other critical house duties; petting and caring for me, explaining what just happened on TV when Daddy misses something, heck even writing her next book (even if it isn't about me - can you imagine), plus that laptop takes up valuable lap real estate.

When she mentioned that she may want to start her own blog, I put my paw down. I'm making her take the day off from posting tomorrow, and I may make her take down the hit counter too.


  1. It took months before anyone left me a comment. Good thing I was used to talking to myself! Then again your mommy is a much better writer than my SS and therefore deserves an appreciative audience. Ah, blogging is addictive!

    Shall we form a Gericat Group?

  2. Only a hit counter? Wait until she lists your site on a rating site, such as Top 100, or such.

    She been bitten by the blogging bug. I believe all the kitties here will agree, they know the symptoms in the humans well.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  3. Hi there! This is my first visit here to your blog.

    I have a question as I am new to cat blogs.. is a tuxedo cat a black and white cat?

    We have four cats and I am tryig to learn the lingo.

    I thought you might know since you have been blogging more.

    You cat is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yes, I know of these bean addictions! Unfortunately, without opposable thumbs, one needs the Mum to turn on the computer and type for me - this presents a tricky problem because once she turns the computer on then she indulges in her addictions. What to do, what to do!

  5. Dearest Fin, Internet addiction is such a pitfall for our humans. I suggest taking up residence on the human chest whenever their gaze falls upon a computer screen. Large miaows to signify huge neglect and distress will keep their attention. This ensures that YOU are the centre of their universe as is right and proper.

    Have a very good day off won't you and return refreshed to your adoring audience ;)

  6. We blogged for a while before we found any other blogs, too. We made Mom take a blogcation from her blog. It was taking entirely too much time away from our blogging.

  7. It is better than dealing crack though. They could be obsessed with things not even remotely related to us but I agree put your paw down to one blog only.

    The PM thought about those hit counter things then a wave of anxiety and nausea comes over her and the though leaves. Too much stress. THE PRESSURE!!!!

    Purrs Shade

  8. Fin, I think that your Mommy would have a great blog too!

  9. Hmmm Fin, all I'm saying is my mum has THREE other blogs of her own. I don't let them interfere with my blogging though - I have my own laptop. But they get addicted easy don't they?

    Huffle Mawson

  10. Nah, my MomBean has a blog too, but I still get more comments than hers! :P

  11. Yeah its addictive! Don't let it take over too much of her life though. Up until this spring we managed 4 full blogs where we posted on 3 every day! It gets exhausting so don't burn out because we love reading about you!


  12. Our mom was obsessed with the counter too...then the tech guy changed the way the counter worked and mom can't access it anymore. It's driving her crazy but the tech guy hasn't fixed it yet!!

    Yep, we need to start bloggers-anonymous!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  13. Now you just need a statistics tracker, too, and you can track everything!

  14. Fin
    When we first started our blog, it was several months before anyone found us and then our first comment was a friend of Momma's. Back then there weren't a lot of bloggers and it took Momma awhile to find everyone...but she is so glad she kept going...


  15. You have to watch those mommies . . . they get addicted to this web business so much more than we kitties do.

  16. You'd best not let your mom join Entrecard - it's *really addictive! :)

  17. Well Everyone, you can see by this message she is hitting it again. I said no posts today but she wanted to just post our comments. This is how it starts... I'm afraid she is off to look at these other analytics sites. Yikes!

  18. Well Everyone, you can see by this message she is hitting it again. I said no posts today but she wanted to just post our comments. This is how it starts... I'm afraid she is off to look at these other analytics sites. Yikes!

  19. Hmm, our mom started read what we think may have been one of the first cat blogs ever Lisaviolet.com like maybe 8 years ago and den she started finding others and we all enjoyed reading dem so much dat we finally got our own! Now, der are so many of us we can hardly keep up! We were right when we said dat cats would rule one day...

  20. Yup!! It's easy to get addicted :)
    I don't mind as long as I get my treats and attention.I do have too put up with the camera though :o
    Purrs Mickey

  21. Ty for your visit to my blog and commenting on BB.

  22. Hahahahahahaha - we can so relate - to the addiction part - soon after starting to blog we actually started this site
    but then of course we never had time to do anything with it because our main blog got out of hand.
    For a while we were OBSESSED with being up there among the first ranks of any kind of cat blog ranking - now in our second year we are getting settled in a bit better and don't care anymore. Which of course also means we are not up there anymore in the ranking, hahahahahahahaha
    Our maid has her own blogs and we DO NOT like it - but what can you do....
    And we took our hit counter down a long time ago and it feels GOOD!

  23. Fin, your human mom has been bitten, all right. Still, that's what's fun about blogging -- meeting new people who love cats. I'm glad I found out about you...

  24. My mommy definitely has some of the symptoms of addiction, but we have struck a compromise. She types with one hand, and with the other hand she scritches me or flings around a feather wand for me to play with while she's typing.