6 AM - The Sequel

Screenplay by Fin

Fade In. Interior Bedroom. Two humans are STILL lying in bed. FIN, our heroine, is watching vigilantly from a curled position on a nearby chair. She is exhausted but she remains awake.

FIN wearily stretches her floofy legs and jumps in slow motion to the bed (Mission Impossible theme plays). She lands safely as we return to regular motion. FIN carefully navigates climbing over MOMMY's hip to reach her face.

FIN (politely): Mommy it's time to get up.

MOMMY grunts as sweet FIN gently pets her face with her delicate paw.

MOMMY (crabbily): I already fed you, now beat it.

Clever FIN, seeing MOMMY is hopeless, dashes over MOMMY's head to the nightstand. She begins to push MOMMY's glasses towards the floor. FIN narrowly avoids MOMMY's backward flailing hands as MOMMY grabs her glasses and tucks them under her pillow.

Our plucky heroine FIN looks determined. She begins to scoot the full glass of water towards the edge of the nightstand and the bed beyond.

MOMMY (angry now): If you spill that water on me again Fin, I will go Carnival Freak Crazy!

FIN, with great bravery and determination, scoots the glass just a bit more. MOMMY flips herself over with surprising speed. Brave FIN stands her ground and points to the hated noisy box. The wild eyed (and haired) MOMMY looks at the clock which now reads 6:15am. MOMMY's face is transformed into softness as she realizes the situation. MOMMY scoops FIN into her arms for a forced cuddle.

MOMMY (sweetly): I don't have to go to work today, I'm on vacation. Let's snuggle instead.

FIN is placed between her two parents and is showered with pets and scratches.

Fade Out

Don't you just love a happy ending. I need a Kleenex.


  1. What a lovely sequel, Fin! That happy ending touched my kittyheart. I have only one objection to make: There are far to less photos of the starring heroine in this post! I need my flooffix!
    Purrs, your LSIF

  2. They don't know how clever we are, do they?

    Huffle Mawson

  3. It was touch and go for a few seconds there.

    Whew! Suspense first thing in the morning does wonders for the appetite!!

    Purrs Banshee

  4. Very good sequel, we love a happy ending. Happy snuggling!



  5. Aw, how sweet! Napper is home from work for the next four days! That means that I'll get some serious snuggling and napping in!

  6. Whew, I thought for a minute there we were gonna have to break out the paper towels and band-aids!

    I'll just sit here and share mom's hanky...

  7. Awwws Fin what a good furry babeh you iz! Even getting yelled at still trying to do the right thing for your Momma :))
    I am glad it all ended in lots cuddles! :))


  8. What an outstanding scene! I was glued to my chair!
    Play bows,

  9. Hope this is only the ending of the 2nd sequel. There should be 22more to go!!!!

  10. Hi everyone! I'm considering a trilogy for later.

    Look Husky pups have come by and sweet MoMo. I hope you are feeling all better MoMo.

  11. I'm always amused when your Mommy goes "Carnival Freak Crazy", thanks for the memories!
    Auntie Jenny

  12. "Carnival Freak Crazy"...it might be worth the consequences just to see the spectacle.