Feast Guidelines

Well friends, I thought I'd hit the feast jackpot. Mommy, in her blindness, had been unable to read the Feast can. She thought I should be getting a half of one of those wee small cans twice a day.

Finally all my crying encouraged her to trombone the can and look more closely. She thought the can said 1 oz per three pounds of cat, and as a petite 13 pound kitty I should have, say... 13 divided by 3... give or take... 4 ounces.

I danced about the kitchen with joy, 4 cans of Feast everyday! Now that's what I'm talking about Mommy. Then I heard the dreaded voice of reason -

Mommy - Wait that can't be right, 4 cans of Feast a day! Oh the can is 3 ozs so... That's probably one can, I was right.

Fin - What! That is just wrong. Look, how do I know you aren't just horrible at math? Blind and bad at math - it's like the perfect storm. Look again.

Mommy - Oh one can per 3 pounds of cat.

Fin - See!

Mommy - That seems way too much! You'll be one ton of kitty.

Kitties I need your guidance, how much Feast should one cat have in a day? Remember I am refusing to eat any dry food - make sure that goes into your calculations. Oh and I like the kind with gravy and small chunks so it's not a solid can, make sure you take that into consideration too.


  1. Oh geez, Fin, that is a tough math problem. Maybe you can get one and a half cans a day? I don't really know, though. I just eat my crunchies.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  2. Wet food is best for kitties anyway.
    We get a can each/day, but with 3 of us, the cans get divided each time, but it basically works out to a can a day. And we cry for more, usually.

  3. I am a much smaller kitty - only about 8 lbs and therefore I get 2 small cans a day plus dry food on demand, which I hardly ever eat anyway.

  4. Speedy gets a whole can to himself, 1/2 in da morning and da other 1/2 at dinner time, he's 18 pounds...however, he also gets crunchy food on demand. Oh, mom sez it's not on demand it's at preset times according to what da nutrition lady sed to feed him. He hasta loose some wayte tho and get a wasteline back.

  5. The stinky goodness makers suggest that you should have up to 4 of the 3 oz cans a day. That seems like a lot, but who are we to argue with the makers of our beloved goodness de stink? Mommy feeds us each two a day (which we only lick the geavy out of) and then we graze on crunchy food throughout the day.

  6. I am not a good cat to ask as I hate wet food and won't eat it. Goldie gets a half a can every couple of days plus his dry food. The PM is thinking of giving him one half a day soon as he won't be getting any mice, :::shudders:::, when winter hits.

    Purrs Shade

  7. We are not too good at the math and we all just eat dry kibble, so we aren't sure. Hey Fin, after you eat, stop by our blog and pick up the award we have given you, ok.
    ~The Creek Cats~

  8. When Texas weighed 14-15 pounds, the vettie said he needed to go on a diet, and said he should only get 1 can a day total, but they were referring to the big 5.5 cans. So we would say 1 and a half to 2 cans of the 3 oz stuff a day, we finks 1 3oz can is just a bit too little for you, Fin.

  9. We go to a holistic vet, and here is how we feed:
    Harley and I split one of the 5.5 oz cans in the morning (he gets about 2/3 and I get about 1/3 because I weigh 6 pounds and he weights 10 pounds, and he has a huge appetite). What isn't eating within an hour gets picked up and thrown away. The vet said that cats should not have the constant stimulation of food out all day long. Then, at night, we split another can of cat food, and we also get a small amount of dry foods. Both of those are left out all night. The vet said that if Harley or I seem very hungry, then we should increase the feeding amounts.

  10. Well, those cans are tiny, so I suggest you get 1 can in the morning and see if you finish it all. If you're hungry in mid day, ask for another can, but I wouldn't expect to get any at dinner time if you left any lunch on your plate. If you don't finish lunch, make the feeding later in the day towards dinner. See how it goes.

    Your friend

  11. Oh wowie, I think a kitty should get a skwillion tons of steenky goodness a day, ecksept Momma sez my kalkulashuns might be a little off!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. I do not know really what is right or wrong.. My Momma knows we is cats, we knows how to look after ourselves given the resources are there.
    Momma always has dry food in a bowl out as that is all Mushka eats.
    Momma gives me one pouch of whiskers wet food and some nuggets of a morning and 1 can of Fancy Feasts and some dry nuggets of en evening.
    I do not always eat all this, I eat what I want and go back for more ifs I get hungry.. seee
    In the wild we would kill our food then we would eat what we liked then bury it for later.
    Momma takes any old food from the day before away every morning though. I like it better the longer it has sat :P


  13. Thanks everyone for wieghing in on this issue. Seems like very few of you thought the all you can eat buffet was what I should be having. Deep Sigh.

    I'm not as hungry the last day or so, I think my tummy is a bit upset from the medication. Yuck!

  14. I think it depends on your appetite, in part. If your mom gives you a third of a can in the morning and you're scarfing it up and lookin for more, she could give you the bit left that would have made a half of the can. The same for dinner. If you're waking her up extra early in the a.m. on account of your belly button is kissin' your backbone, well, she might start off with 2/3 of the can. Gradually adjust until you find a happy medium. Sorry, Fin. I'd've like to advocate for the 1 can/3 pounds of cat, but...just couldn't do it! I want you to be healthy and happy!

  15. Hey, Fin...Wally and me get 1 3oz. can a day...half in the morning and half in the evening. We also get about 1/2 cup dry split half in the morning and half in the evening. Zoey gets one 5.5oz. can a day and a little bit of dry before she goes to bed. This works purrty good for us...

    Mom says you can't go by the feeding instructions on the cans...she doesn't know what those manufacturers are thinking...


  16. 4 cans a day? Uh, that seems like a lot. But we get a lot at my house, so maybe that is accurate. My mom feeds us each one can of FF stinky goodness each morning and night, but Misty and I usually don't eat the whole thing, cuz we only like it the best when it is fresh out of the can. Then mom also leaves out Fancy Feast dry food and Party Mix. Ok, so we are a little bit spoiled I suppose, but we are cats, so that is how it should be, right?