Dear Readers I have some news to report. I was forced into a PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit, I think it's called) and sent off to the V.E.T. on Saturday morning. Why you might ask? My parents (Mommy in particular) are worry warts.

About a month or so ago, I started to shun the dry food I'd always been given to eat. My nose became upturned to the Friskies I had once enjoyed (oh my, do you think this will ruin my chances at a future endorsement deal?), a fine product to be sure (whew, I think I saved it) but no longer to my taste. I had a taste for the Feast. I was craving the goodness that's stinky.

I would dance and cry for the feast. At first it was just given as a treat, but slowly it became all I wanted (okay, pretty quickly actually). Dry food was completely refused. I even lost some weight in the war being waged with my parents. Daddy thought I was being difficult (really!) and would eventually return to the dry stuff. Nope! They bought well over five different varieties and still nothing.

Finally Mommy said I was losing weight, and buckled into giving me the feast on demand, and demand I did (I'll be sharing my methods later this week). I also started to really down the water (this was just because I got a new water dispenser and the water was delicious). Mommy began to worry I had an issue. I heard things like "Maybe we should get her checked out? She's a granny cat after all."

Well Mommy stressed for about a week about traumatizing me (which I appreciate and love her for) and purchased feline hormone spray to soothe me in the carrier (boy that stuff is nice) and drug laced treats to calm me (of course I refused to eat those). As you know I like to keep the parents guessing so instead of freaking out, I was like a perfect little angel going to the VET, no biting, no bunny kicks, hardly even a harsh meow.

The Vet was the best ever (well as good as his kind can be), he thought my gums looked a bit red and gave me an antibiotic (yuck) to try for a week. No rude tests, unless I don't improve. I was a bit put off though when he mentioned I was a "sizable" kitty. Well I never! He didn't mention the "D" word though.

Oh and it turns out, that in Mommy's middle-aged blindness, she misjudged the amount of Feast I should be getting. No wonder I was so hungry. So I will be a mostly good cat and take my medicine with minimal biting, get lots of lap naps on Mommy, guilt treats, and finally I will have my fill of the Feast. Should be a pretty good week.


  1. Oh SIF, I can't believe it! "Sizeable Kitty"? How could he? It is so unfair, that people mistake floof for fat - well, I guess it's our curse.
    You know what? I was hurried to the vet too but on Halloween Night! It was horrible: they hurt me with a little needle; I was so scared. I got a bit of an time out this weekend but will tell you what happened soon. Boy, that was a trick instead of a treat.
    Purrs, Siena

  2. Mmmm... fill of the feast. Now that has a nice ring to it!

  3. Ah the feast. There is nothing finer!

    Huffle Mawson

  4. You are the purrfect size!!!

    Enjoy that feast!

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  5. I think you have things under control. Fin! Go for the Feast, it is the best!

  6. Fin
    Enjoy "all you can eat" while it lasts...


  7. Hey, Fin...our mom says Feast is kitty crack...next to nip, of course. Lucky you...

  8. Sounds like you will have a nice week with all that feast. My mom is the same way. 3 times this year I have been shoved into the PTU and taken to the vet for not eating and drinking lots of water. She suspected Diabetes, but the blood work was fine. I like to keep her guessing.
    ~Cal and The Creek Cats~

  9. Hooray for getting your fill of the Feast! That's excellent news.

  10. Awww, I'm so glad that you got a good check-up! Even if mommy did act a little hastily, it's never a bad idea to just be sure! Purrs to you, sweeetie!

  11. Sizable? I think that was completely uncalled for. I'm happy you get your fill of the goodness that's stinky. I can't wait to hear your methods of demanding the feast.

  12. I have put paid to dry food years ago and would eat nothing but the Feast. Good that you have an almost clean bill from the vet. Avoid the 'D', please, definitely no fun.

    Sizable? How rude! We floofy kitties are always mistaken for being fat. SS's nephew called me the Fat Lady when I first arrived.

  13. Well, I *never, Fin - sizable? That's floof!!!

    We're wishing you all the best and hope the antibiotic takes care of everything.!

  14. woohoooo that is great, I do not know how much it means but it sounds like much!@
    Momma thinks I iz too skinny but the VET thinks I iz a healthy size.
    I guess she just thinks WE should have little bellies like Mushka.
    I only eats wet food now too, My feats of a night and Whiskers of a morning, but Momma has become sneaky, she mixes the dry food through the wet food to try and fatten me up just a little.. I do not like this!
    I hopez your gums get sorted out :(


  15. Me too, SIF, more floofies on the back feet than the front, which are also shorter.

    Stick to you guns, we are NFCs!!!!

  16. Hi everyone! Thanks for your good wishes and for defending my sizable floof, I'm sure that is what he meant.

    I don't much care for the antibiotics but I am trying to behave... sort of.

  17. Mine dad would say you maded lemonade. I fink you made the best of a bad situashun.

    Oh, hay! My werd furification is a REAL word: drove! I thot it was sposed to be fake werds only. O well.

    Hope yur feelin better an gettin enuf foods!
    Purrs, Victor

  18. (gasp) Surely, you're not referring to the word d-d-d-diet!! You look wonderful, Fin.

    See what happens when you finish your pills. If your mouth is sore, you may not want dry food but have you ever tried "pouch" food. It's the next best thing to canned.