Miss Kitty Joins the Carpet

MoMo and I had so much fun on the first leg of our journey to Norway. Some cats have expressed concern over the sturdiness of the Magic Carpet, but it's delightful, practically flies itself. We flew over the desert chatting, and caught a quick nap too (yes the Magic Carpet has auto-pilot, they don't call it "Magic" for nothing).

The trip took hardly any time at all, and before we knew it we were at Miss Kitty's house. She welcomed us with open paws and we all got caught up, much purring all around. She is a lovely cat (even prettier than her pictures). I knew Mommy would have loved to snuggle her too.

MoMo wanted to stretch her legs before we headed off to pick up Siena in Germany, that's when Miss Kitty mentioned that the "Happiest Place on Earth" was right down the road. I was skeptical at first, but let me say it totally lived up to the hype - A six foot, slow moving mouse, who doesn't mind being nibbled. Happy? - I'll say! To protect his street cred he said that he couldn't be filmed with us, and that he preferred to have his name left out of any press releases. We agreed, but let's just say his name starts with an "M" and ends with "Icky."

Here we are heading out of the park, we decided to leave as soon as we saw the six foot dog (starts with a "G" ends with "Oofy").

Miss Kitty wanted her turn at driving the carpet so I looked on as we headed off to Germany to pick up Siena. MoMo took a well deserved rest. More tomorrow from Germany.

P.S. Don't forget to visit the other cat's blogs as they share their experiences.


  1. The Magic Kingdom is a great place to visit! Mom goes in May with the senior class to GradNite in Anaheim. She has fun, fun, fun! Enjoy yourselves, but watch out for flyin' elephants!

  2. That was a great day! I loved the Magic Kingdom. I did leave a comment here before but it's nowhere to be seen. Blogger has not been nice to me lately.

  3. Oh you are having such a wonderful time. I would love a six foot slow moving mouse! I see the in-flight snacking has been organised. The carpet looks quite sturdy to me. I did look out for you in the skies, but there's so many darn planes, satellites and owls about I may have missed you! Just keep on having fun, fun and more fun!


  4. You guys sure know how to have a good time!

  5. Oh o.

    The wee ones saw that. Now that's all we'll hear about for weeks!!!

    Glad you all had fun!


  6. what a great day! mommy and daddy just got back from Disney in Florida. they visited Norway too but must have just missed you.

    they learned that Norway is not only known for beautiful floofy kitties, but also for trolls! cool.

  7. Oh Fin, we just know you'll have a wonderful trip.

  8. Oh, this is all so exciting! I'm sure glad you thought to bring along the Temptations!

  9. It looks like you're having just as much fun as I did on my tour in October!

    Huffle Mawson

  10. This is such a wonderful adventure! We love hearing all about it and can't wait for more! It seems you are really have an awesome time!

  11. I hope you guys did not nibble too much on the mouse with a name ending in Icky hehe
    What a ball you guyz sound to be having :)


  12. Hahahahahaha!!! That is a cool place that mouse with my name lives ;)
    It's good that your trip is going smoothly so far!! I will purr that all keeps going smooth,including the Magic Carpet!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  13. What a perfectly magical place to visit on your magic carpet!

  14. You are all having such a magical time - and just look at your little bag of Temptations! :)

  15. You went to the second happiest place on earth. The happiest place on earth is the Temptations factory.