Floofy Friday

Did I mention that my parents have abandoned me for 24 hours?
They are returning this afternoon, and this is the view they will be seeing.
Update: My belly is being featured on Kittybellys.com


  1. You are so good at giving "the back". It speaks volumes. I try to do that but I get too excited and then make a fool of myself, chirping and prancing.

    Purrs Goldie

  2. Hold firm Fin, that back view is the wall of your discontent, your parents need to study it and absorb the depth of its full meaning. I hope they bring you back some turkey.


  3. That's good! Give them the backside for leaving you!

  4. Hihihi, how glossy your black back furs are! You're so good in educating humans, I'm eagerly takin notes. Now, the most impawtant question is: Did they bring home some turkey?
    Purrs, Siena

  5. When you've been abandoned for any length of time, that's the proper pose to assume.

  6. I do agree!! I totally ignore SS for at least 2 whole days whenver she returns from a trip, just to show my displeasure.

    You have such a glossy coat, SIF! Mine is soft but rather coarse and not all shiny.

  7. Hi Everyone! They forgot my Turkey! I will have to wait till next weekend when Mommy will make me a new one. So Rude~

  8. It's more than rude, Fin...first leaving you all day...then forgeting your turkey! You should give them the back and ignore them! Lots of treats are in order too!

    pee ess. your belly on kitteybellys was pawsome!

  9. Poor Fin, it's bad enough to leave you, but to "forget" your turkey? That's just wrong!! Even we got turkey & Mama never gives us bean food.....we think you need to leave them a little "gift" to show your displeasure....

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  10. WHAT ????? FORGOT your turkey - that's inexcusable and utterly rude.

  11. that's all they deserve to see, abandoning you like that!

  12. Oh Noes I am reading this backwards!
    I just knowz you will check in on them and make sure everything is ok... :P hahah
    Coz I cheated! heh