Almost Time

I know I promised to give my tips on how to get your fill of the Feast back on Monday, but the week just got away from me. I started off the week at the Vet (I'm feeling better now, but the antibiotics made me a bit sick to my tummy so I'm glad they're done tomorrow!), then there was election excitement, and Peace Day, whew.

I'm so sorry but you'll have to wait for now my friends, because now it’s almost time to take a trip to my ancestral homeland of Norway with the other Norwegian cats. Tomorrow I have to pack my treats for everyone, maybe a toy or two for us all to play with, but luckily I already have my own fur coat.

It all started awhile back when MoMo and Miss Kitty had this great idea for all of the Norwegian Forest Cats to go on a trip to check things out in Norway. So MoMo from Australia, little Siena from Germany, Miss Kitty from California and I are headed over to check things out. Here is our itinerary:

Monday MoMo will be leaving her place to pick me up from Nevada

Tuesday we will be off to pick up Miss Kitty in Southern California

Wednesday we will be heading off to Germany to pick up Sienna

Thursday we'll all be in Norway!

Friday I’ll sneak away from all the fun for a quick floof shot as we explore the city

Saturday we will be offline as we travel to another country but I will show you all the festivities on Sunday and then we will be headed home.

I hope you will join us in our adventures. Luckily I can still teleport home for a quick snuggle, dictate my posts to Mommy, and leave comments on my friends blogs. Boy isn’t technology grand.


  1. Oh, this sounds so exciting! It reminds me of the road trip Lucky et al. took to come meet me in New Mexico!

    Have lots of fun!

  2. Well I'm glad you're feeling better Fin! Have fun on your trip to Norway, I can't wait to see the photos.

    Huffle Mawson

  3. I am glad you are feeling better, SIF. It's a long trip and you would need to be in tp top condition for it.

    I am letting Karl, Sassy and some other kitties to guess how we are getting to Norway. Hope you don't peek at your post before Monday. They are high tech kitties and would not guess something as basic as what we are doing.

  4. Oh wow this is very exciting!!
    Momo is a wonderful social coordinator and comes up with excellent ideas!
    I can not wait to see your trip to the homeland! :)


  5. Oh Fin, this will be such an adventure! You were really good to take these antibiotics, I've heard they are horrible. Hope your feeling better. See you soonish!

  6. We are looking forward to your trip to Norway.

  7. Oh this trip to your homeland sounds so exciting! I cannot wait to see what you get up to.

    Now make sure you rest up so you are in tip top form for the adventure. It would not be good form to yack up on the magic carpet.

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. That sounds fun! We're looking forward to your trip to Norway, Fin!

  9. Sounds like you will have an exciting trip!

  10. That sounds like an exciting trip! It's great that you can go visit your homeland!

  11. Hi Everyone! So glad you will be following along. Very exciting.

    Lux that sounds fun I'll have to go back in time and check it out.

    I'm excited too Huffle.

    Oh MoMo I'm sorry. I altered my post so it will be a surprise, just like Mommy/ghostwriter to let the cat out of the bag... Ha ha ha.

    VV MoMo is most excellent!

    Siena I suggest you avoid antibiotics, yuck!

    Whicky, carpet what carpet? I hope I don't yack anywhere.

  12. Norway and a mystery country...how exciting! I can barely wait.

  13. I look forward to following you on your adventure.

  14. Fin,this will be very exciting for us to see your trip to Norway!!! Be sure to get lots of good pics!
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Sounds like an exciting week ahead, Fin. Glad you're feeling well enough to enjoy it all!

  16. What a grand trip that sounds like it will be!

  17. I do hope that the brief rain has not interrupted your packing dear Fin


  18. This sounds so exciting! I can't wait for photos and a report!

  19. I think you all are very brave. I've flown before (first class too, ahem...) but NOT on a Magic Carpet.

    Much better than in a carrier shoved under a seat I'll bet. And cat treats too!

    Wish I was a NFC...