Norway At Last

Norway at last, and it's lovely. The carpet ride was very nice, no turbulence to speak of. We flew over a number of the main cities in Norway on the carpet.

We went to Lillehammer which is where the Olympics were held. Of course Siena wanted to zoom zoom down the bobsled run on the carpet. I was hesitant, but after some encouragement by MoMo and Miss Kitty, I said yes. What the heck you only live nine times right.

We dropped by Bergen which is right by the water for some much needed fresh fish. We declined the locals offer to go ice fishing. We have snowshoe paws but still, brr.

Being forest cats naturally we had to go see the forests. So we headed past the Fjords and into the forest land. The big cities were few and far between so we stopped in a small village. Although our notoriety had not spread here (no Internet access) we were welcomed by the village cats with headbutts and licks. Of course all the young mancats were after the young one, although we three older kitties were called cougars (odd) and got some of the attention too.

We enjoyed a welcome party in the local pub and we showed everyone how to make a good and dirty Niptini (well that sounds naughty but it really wasn't). Since it was dark our new friends suggested we stay in the village till morning, so we snuggled under the carpet by a little cabin and waited for the sunrise. When we woke up we saw it had snowed. Boy it sure was lovely.

Then it was off the forest at last. Here we are in the forest (one of our new friends was nice enough to take our picture).
After of plenty of climbing (and some leaping from tree to tree, and some nerve wracking running straight down the tree by Siena) we were all exhausted. So we all snuggled under the carpet for a long sleep. Tommorrow we are headed off to my place...

PS – I might go rogue and borrow the carpet for a quick adventure… I saw this in a brochure… "The land above the Arctic Circle is known for midnight sun, northern lights, the Sami people in Finnmark, and polar bears at the Svalbard Islands." It sounds a bit dangerous, what with the polar bears, but Finnmark? Come on! Hey do you think I can pick up some meatballs in Sweden?


  1. Sounds great - let's all head up to the Arctic Circle before going to your place. You can direct the carpet and we will tag along.

  2. What a lovely forest! We hope you'll take that trip above the Arctic Circle - it will be fun to visit there! How wonderful to travel back to one's origins!

  3. Woo, what a fine adventure! And your fine floof-layer will keep you warm in the chilly North!

  4. Ohh we would SOOOOO loves to see the northern lights!!!
    Ohh I hates to be so jealous.. Momma says it is such a bad thing but wow I iz I tell ya! :)
    You guys are just having a ball,it sure looks so puurretty and sounds it even more!, you should get together more often I thinks :))


  5. Just look at you all in the forest! Wonderful! The party in the pub sounds wild and you are all so brave to do the bobsled run. There'll be yummy reindeer meatballs in the land of the Sami and lovely reindeer furs to curl up on too!

    This is such a good adventure!

    Whicky Wuudler

    PS: The Word Verification word for this comment is "micers"

  6. My mum saw polar bears last month! She says they are very big and hungry so be careful Fin!

    Huffle Mawson

  7. This sounds like a lot of fun, and the forest looks lovely. Can't wait to read more about your adventures. ~S,S & C

  8. Cougars...dirty niptinis...how scandalous! I hope you didn't cause any international incidents. Norway sounds lovely.

  9. The woods are lovely, dark and deep...

    What a great adventure all of you are sharing!

    And "Finnmark"... it must be on your itinerary.

  10. It sounds like a great adventure. Our Beans went to Norway last year and said it was beautiful.

  11. Sounds like you girls are having a furry good time! We love reading of your adventure!!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  12. *woo hoo*

    Be furry carefull in dem woods yoo nefur knoos bout dem Gremlins...


  13. Wow! What a wonderful adventure you are having with your Sister's in Floof!!! And you can't miss Finnmark!! Have a fantastic trip!
    Your FL furiends,

    PS: Did the package arrive to you for The Frisky Fall Contest?

  14. Fin, I'm so jeleous, I wish I could travel more. Maybe I'll get to come and visit you someday soon.
    Auntie Jenny

  15. What better place for Norwegian Forest Cats than Norway???

    Hey, Fin, pick us up some Swedish meatballs if you make it there!

  16. You are all certainly having a good time. We'll see whether you make it to the Arctic Circle, we guess.

  17. Oh Fin, you are far too modest! I saw all those gorgous locals turning their eyes after you. It was you who wasn't giving them a second look!
    Fin, what do you think of what's going on back home in Cologne? My mom is behaving quite secretly...

  18. Good looking gal cats are admired the world over by us Tom types.

    Is Norway sort of like where my people go to get furniture? Ikea? I think I might be confusing countries. Does Sweden have Forest cats too?