Today I was hanging out in the living room (a complete misnomer as no one lives there usually) when I saw a package on the table. I took a little look and then a big giant sniff. Hmm, smells good - like cat perhaps?

My loud pawing and investigating finally alerted Mommy that I had found the package. Turns out my prize for winning the Frisky Fall contest had arrived well I was away. I demanded she open it right away.

A Kitten Calendar. A Cat Sack (with a string handle!), I might be a bit too big to get in it but you know I'm gonna try. What's in that other little sack? I better take a closer look.

Catnip Toys! Snergle... rubbing my face with package, big deep sniffs... snergle. Crack it open Mommy!! I love that little red fella, Little Nipper I call him. Oh what's that... more stuff! Jingle bell rolly balls... I think I need to rest. I'll be rolling those around at 2am, when I'm nipped up and well rested.

Thanks Floof and Fur, and a personal thanks to my floof, I couldn't have done it without you.


  1. Oh, what fun! Looks like you got some nice goodies there!

    You really ARE floofy; I'd be watching out for fur nabbers around your parts if I were you! :)

  2. Whoooo, what a great package...nip toys are da best.

  3. What a grrreat package you got. Wow, look at all the toys. And look at all your floof. Gorgeous.
    Faith Boomerang

  4. Oh that's a great package Fin! You asked for a letter in the letter game - your letter is D.

    Huffle Mawson

  5. Oh Fin, what a wonderful prize package! Congratulations! Look at you there all floofy and burnished by the arctic sun! You are going to have SO much fun with these toys, especially at 2am Tee hee!


  6. Excellent! That was one great package!

  7. Congrats on the great prize! Looks like lots of fun!

    You also look very floofy today!


  8. Ooooooooooooo!!! Look at that!! Lots of cool toys. I can see you love them too!!! You are a floofy cat! heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  9. What a grate prize package, Fin! Enjoy your toys.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  10. WOW! Look at you, you lucky! Enjoy all your nice toys! It's good to see you having fun.

  11. Fin, you hit the motherlode, buddy! Lots of cool stuff to play with! Whoohoo!

    pee ess. our living room is the cat room...we're the only ones that live in there it seems....

  12. Those are some neat-o prizes you won! Congratulations!

  13. Woohoo! That is a great package of kitty stuff, Fin! Enjoy it, you deserve it!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  14. Those are some awesome prizes!!! Enjoy.


  15. It's a cat bonanza!

  16. Grate prizes, Fin! We gotted a package, but it didn't haf any catnip. Instead, it hadded a big box an a little box; one my size an one Nina sized!

    Our eyes is icky again frum a v-eye-rus, not whappin. Mom dragged us BOF to see da vet lady an she put shtuff up our noses. How rude! Well, haf fun wif yur new shtuff!

  17. Heh Heh. Fin come on over and chedk out our blog! We got some contest prizes too!

  18. What a lot of great stuff - especially for plying at 2 am!

  19. 43W

    Hi Fin,
    above is a message from the tiny one for you. Go figure! She's not even floofy! I still hate her most of the time.

    ::Illegal Mom Communication::
    Thank you for asking how things are. Well, I think they are pretty normal: The two cats racing across the rooms, Siena pouncing and biting the small one (dare I say that floofy Siena is enormous compared to the kitten?) and the little one screaming and swearing. Phew, not very easy on my stomach, I can tell you. But I guess I asked for it! ; )

  20. Nip and jingle bell rolly balls...mmmmmmmmmh and whoo hoo!

  21. What wonderful gifts Fin! We are so glad you like them !
    Your FL furiends,